Photo by The Great  Leighton Grant


We are a completely unaffiliated jiu-jitsu gym and campground located in Asheville, NC, USA. We offer “pay-what-you-want” fundamentals BJJ classes and we offer various supplemental classes such as no-gi BJJ classes, open mats and Judo. The campground is a new development that is set to be up and running this summer.


This is a work-exchange opportunity. There is no money involved, not even cryptocurrency!
What you give:
You will commit to teaching or co-teaching at least 5 hours of classes per week at the gym. Some of these classes will be fundamentals classes, while others will be a little more advanced. We will find a good fit for you based on what you bring to the table and we will assign you to the appropriate classes.

What you get:
You will have your own room or camping/glamping spot somewhere on our property. You will have access to a shower, bathroom, kitchen, plenty of hang-out spots and other like-minded people. Some or all meals can be shared, and this component can be negotiated. You will have almost unlimited access to 1,378 ft2 of mat space for additional training, and almost unlimited access to downtown Asheville, which is only 10 minutes away from our “compound”.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. So here are some pictures showing and describing what you'd be doing, where you'd be staying and some of the kick-ass things that Asheville has to offer. Be sure to hover/click and scroll through to see the descriptions.
  1. Guest Room
    Guest Room
    This is the guest room in our house. If you're staying for 2 weeks or less, this is an option!
  2. We love visitors!
    We love visitors!
    We pride ourselves on our welcoming and laid-back atmosphere. We love having folks stop through when they're in Asheville.
  3. No-Gi Class
    No-Gi Class
    We've got one no-gi class per week.
  4. Jiu-Jitsu 2.0
    Jiu-Jitsu 2.0
    This is our more advanced class, held once a week. The moves are more technical and the workout is more intense.
  5. Repurposed Tire Sub-floor
    Repurposed Tire Sub-floor
    Over 200 tires make up our sub-floor system. Makes getting thrown around a little easier on the joints. Plus, that's 200+ fewer tires in the landfill!
  6. Kids Class
    Kids Class
    We've got kids classes twice a week for ages 7-15. The more help we can get with this, the better!
  7. Fundamentals Class
    Fundamentals Class
    Our core class at Open Source Jiu-Jitsu is Fundamentals. Perfect for the beginner and experienced BJJ practitioner alike.
  8. Fundmentals Class
    Fundmentals Class
    We follow a 10-week rotating curriculum of basic moves that all BJJ practitioners should know. Each class follows the same format - warm up, instruction, drill and positional sparring.
  9. Positional Sparring
    Positional Sparring
    This is an integral part of all of our adult classes. There's no better way to fully understand a new move than to use it in live rolling.
  10. Kids Class
    Kids Class
    In Kids Classes, we make sure to keep it light and fun by playing games that incorporate BJJ moves, techniques or general principles.
  11. Kids Class
    Kids Class
    We try to make Kids Class warm-ups fun and challenging.
  12. Campground Maintenance
    Campground Maintenance
    Most of our campground work has been taming the vines, so if you're inclined to get out in the woods, we'd love your help!
  13. Main House
    Main House
    This is our house where you'll have access to the kitchen and bathroom/shower.
  14. Old Rymer Drive
    Old Rymer Drive
    Check out Google maps - our property goes partway up Old Rymer Drive to the north west.
  15. Bird's Eye View of "The Compound"
    Bird's Eye View of "The Compound"
    This is a Google satellite view of our "compound" (as we affectionately refer to it).
  16. Campground Sleeping Pod in Progress
    Campground Sleeping Pod in Progress
    After some finishing touches, this Magic Bullet will be ready for campers. Asheville is the right place for out-of-the-box ideas! Let your creativity flow.
  17. Open Source Jiu-Jitsu
    Open Source Jiu-Jitsu
    Here's our gym!
  18. Camp site
    Camp site
    A tent site in the Baying Hound Campground
  19. Picnic Spot in the Woods
    Picnic Spot in the Woods
    We try to repurpose as much as we can. This is our picnic spot in the campground where you can hang out rain or shine!
  20. Campground: Sleeping Shelters
    Campground: Sleeping Shelters
    Interior view of the Triangle, a primitive camping shelter made almost entirely of repurpsed materials.


Contact us at [email protected]. Be sure to outline your travel plans and tell us a bit about yourself. It would help if you had some video of you teaching, or if you don’t have any video please be sure to tell us a bit about your teaching style. We’re less interested in belt levels and lineages than we are with your ability to teach what you know and inspire others. If you have any experience in judo, wrestling, catch wrestling, sambo, etc, this is a definite plus, but we’re not insured for striking so we won’t be doing any Muay Thai or TKD at the gym, sorry!